Our Food

Greene bites specializes in all types of salads and sandwiches including classics like the philly cheese steak, greek salad, chopped cheese and the B.E.C, wether you are are waking up at 4am or 4pm, greene bites is serving up all these awesome items all day.

Our Awesome Fridge

We prep all our food fresh like the chicken cutlet above, we season overnight and then bread and fry the same day.

Assorted Chicken

At Greene bites we take pride in all our chicken and offer the community many types of seasoned chicken flavors including jerk chicken and pesto chicken bieng the most popular among our loyal customers.

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High Quality Meat

We actually use decent meat, 80/20 Sirloin beef grilled over real flames served with crispy salted fries, lettuce, tomato, ketchup.

Falafel Wrap

Made From fresh ground up chick peas and fried in olive oil then served in a pita wrap.

Chicken Over Rice

The classic chicken over rice, made with fresh chicken breast and served with rice and salad, topped with the famous white sauce & hot sauce.

Our Slushie Machine

Greene Bites takes pride in offering our community the coolest slushie experience, our recommended flavor is hands down the pina colada.

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